Sample Paper Format

▶ Title Page :

  • Title of Paper Name of Author
  • Academic Departments
  • Institutional Affiliation of Author
  • Positions of Autho
  • Mailing Address
  • Email Address
  • Mobile Number

▶ Abstract :

Summarize an article in 150 to 200 words using a brief set of statements that summarize, classifies, evaluate or describes the important points of a text.

▶ Keywords :

The words which can express theme of the paper.

▶ Introduction and statement of the problem :

Introduction and statement of the problem, identifies the need for the work and poses the research question.

▶ Review of Literature :

Places the work in context, restatement of the research question as an Hypothesis.

▶ Method :

Do the sample, measures, methods, observation, procedure and statistical analysis ensure internal and external validity!

▶ Integration :

Does the study provide a good test of the theory and hypothesis or sufficient empyreal grounds for building new theory.

▶ References :

State the references in the end of the paper with citation index.